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As I have been retired for some time, weblinks about me continue to lapse or expire (perhaps fortunately). However some still seem to be active and here is a sample:

An early interest of mine was in the mathematics of Catastrophe Theory, working with the great
Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman, who has sadly died: but it was not without controversy:

Later I had responsibility for animal welfare, including seals and dangerous dogs:

When I moved across to probation, I was responsible for the implementation in England and Wales of Electronic Monitoring, or tagging as it is popularly known.  One version of the story is told (after a fashion) here

These are other tagging links:

I was very pleased that, while I was the Home Office Regional Director for the South East, the South East region became the safest part of the UK:

I also did quite a lot of work on

  1. domestic violence
  2. race equality
  3. sex offenders
  4. car crime
  5. CCTV

Here is something from Hastings, from the years when I chaired the Hastings and St Leonards Foreshore Charitable Trust:

And, finally, here I am playing the Last Post at South Pool in 2011 in half a gale (so some notes seem to have got lost).