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As I have been retired for some time, weblinks about me continue to lapse or expire (perhaps fortunately). However some still seem to be active and here are some of them:

An early interest of mine was in the mathematics of Catastrophe Theory, working with the great late Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman FRS. Two papers were published on catastrophe theory and prison riots. Christopher Zeeman wrote the version for the British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology and a year later I wrote a version for the British Journal of Criminology:

EC Zeeman, CS Hall, PJ Harrison, GH Marriage and PH Shapland (1976) A model for institutional disturbances
B J Math Stat Psychol vol 29 pp. 66-80
EC Zeeman, CS Hall, PJ Harrison, GH Marriage and PH Shapland (1977) A model for prison disturbances
Brit J Criminol vol 17 No 3 pp. 251-263

but this work was not without controversy:

Later I had responsibility for animal welfare, including seals and dangerous dogs:

The Dangerous Dogs Act is often joked about as being being poor, ill-thought-out and knee-jerk legislation. A careful evaluation carried out by the Department of Government at the London School of Economics shows that this is far from the case:
Assessing the Dangerous Dogs Act: When does regulatory Law Fail?
C Hood, R Baldwin and H Rothstein (2000) Public Law (Summer) pp. 282-305 Sweet & Maxwell

When I moved across to probation, I was responsible for the implementation in England and Wales of Electronic Monitoring, or tagging as it is popularly known.  One version of the story is told (after a fashion) here

These are other tagging links:

I was very pleased that, while I was the Home Office Regional Director for the South East, the South East region became the safest part of the UK:

I also did quite a lot of work on

  1. domestic violence
  2. race equality
  3. sex offenders
  4. car crime
  5. CCTV

Here is something from Hastings, from the years when I chaired the Hastings and St Leonards Foreshore Charitable Trust:

And, finally, here I am playing the Last Post at South Pool in 2011 in half a gale (so some notes seem to have got lost).