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Christian Journal – 1997/4 – Imprisonment

Christian Journal – 1997/4 – Imprisonment

Genre: Christian Journal
Publication Year: 1997

Paul Cavadino: Purposes of Imprisonment
John R Cassayd-Smith: Thoughts on being inside
James Ozigi: Black people in prison – a cause for concern
Beverley A Lawrence Beech: Lock ‘em up – and take away the key
Peter Knapper: Shalom and Reconciliation
Hugh Marriage: Tagging -  the alternative for the Millenium
Marcel: Marcel’s story
Alison Cobb: Mental prison
Linda Hunter: Tight-rope walker
Bernard Saint: Fountain
Liturgy Prayers for prisoners of conscience, from Amnesty International
Video review ‘The Life of Lindisfarne’, Pathway Productions
Music review ‘Elements’ by Maggi Dawn
Book reviews
‘Prejudice in Religion’, ed Peter Cornwall
‘Catholicism. Hard questions’ by John Redford.

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