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Pandora’s Pandemic

Pandora’s Pandemic

published July 2021

Alwyn Marriage’s latest poetry collection, Pandora’s Pandemic, is a vivid and personal account of Covid-19 in real time, in poems written actually as it happened. When Covid-19 swept across the world, it took everyone by surprise. Debilitating illness, unprecedented lockdowns and tragic deaths soon followed. And then the questions arose – how long would the devastation last and would anyone survive? Alwyn Marriage contracted Covid-19 early in the pandemic and that is where this moving collection starts.

In these vivid poems, Alwyn tracks the course of her own illness and recovery, the death of her brother and the gradual dawning of new hope. Above all, she asks what we have learnt from this pandemic, and whether the world will ever be the same again. This means that, unusually for a poetry book, because it tells the story of Covid-19, you can read Pandora’s Pandemic like a novel, not knowing what the next twist will be. This is poetry that grips you, may make you cry, but will also warm your heart. One reader wrote: The poems are wonderful. You have captured our universal experience of the pandemic, rather as the young war poets did ... It's a huge achievement.

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About the Book

A poet’s lucid journey through covid-19’s ‘jaws of hell’. Alwyn, feeling the pressure of ‘the whole world’s misery’, has no time for self-pity, but documents in vivid language every stage of her descent into the covid inferno and her difficult ascent back to life with its ‘silver skein of startling happiness’ and the simple joy of ‘a day spent with you in the garden’, ending with a message of hope.

Gabriel Griffin, Poetry on the Lake

The poems of Alwyn Marriage in this collection chronicle the twelve months of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic that not only left her with the draining symptoms of long Covid, but tragically took the life of her dearly-loved brother. In matter-of-fact style and with clear-eyed rationality, sometimes spilling over into heartfelt emotion, Alwyn Marriage depicts the rollercoaster ride of illness and eventual recovery. Her deeply considered poetry, in its thoughts on mortality and survival, cuts through all cant and pomposity to describe the daily ravages of this devastating disease. This is brave work from one who has been through the fire, and whose words now express her gratitude for life restored.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy, Poetry Wivenhoe

Pandora’s Pandemic presents us with a species of post-viral plainchant, thoroughly demotic and unadorned. This is plain speech in service of catharsis, intent on documenting the private realities and multiple bereavements of Coronavirus.

Mario Petrucci

Genre: 2021
Publisher: SPM
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781916226371
List Price: £8.00