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After university, I was a prison psychologist for 19 years before moving to
the central Home Office, then in Queen Anne’s Gate, for another 19 years, and working on:

  • animal welfare (scientific procedures, dangerous dogs, seals, badgers etc)
  • child protection
  • the probation service
  • the introduction of electronic tagging
  • charities and the voluntary sectorH pic

As Head of the Home Office’s Criminal Policy Strategy Unit,
I dealt with (amongst other things):

  • race equality and race crime;
  • violence against women; and
  • implementating the Human Rights Act 1998 in the
    Criminal Justice System

before becoming the first Home Office Regional Director for the
South East of England, sometimes called Crime Reduction Director.

I remain passionate about crime issues. In particular, I am concerned about the extreme danger to which women (and their children) are exposed the moment they signify that they wish to end a relationship – for that is when they are murdered.  The world would become a safer place if that single, simple fact were more widely appreciated.  Several of my speeches bang on about this.

I have included as well a think-piece I gave 10 years ago in March 2014 about the future of Salcombe Harbour (last on the list).