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Bellhouse Books

Alwyn Marriage’s latest novel, The Elder Race
published by Bellhouse Books

Set in a future in which medical science has eliminated almost all life-threatening illnesses, one woman races to escape a Government that is responding with deadly methods.

In The Elder Race, Alwyn Marriage is not afraid to confront such difficult issues as over-population, dementia, self-sacrifice and euthanasia, all set within a heart-warming story of escape, survival and hope.

Most unusual, very convincing, a good read but also thought- provoking and moving, especially at the end. The inclusion of music and dance really works and it has so much to say that is really important about life and about death. A real tour de force.                            Carole Bromley

A thought-provoking, well-written novel about a future in which the effects of climate change are tangible and older people are forced to die the ‘noble death’ … this is also a touching portrait of a friendship that comes close to love.                                                        Mark McCrum

To order a copy of The Elder Race please email Dr Alwyn Marriage direct

The Elder Race, published by Bellhouse Books    ISBN 978-0-9930443-1-1     £10