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Portrait, reading Guernsey-1Welcome to my web page, which gives details of some aspects of my varied and enjoyable professional life.

At present I am working as a poet, lecturer and writer, and I am Managing Editor of the publishing house, Oversteps Books. I am also a Research Fellow in the School of English and Languages of the University of Surrey.

I am the author or editor of ten books; my poetry, articles and reviews are published widely in newspapers, magazines, journals and on-line; and my first novel was published early in 2017. I give poetry readings all over Britain and abroad, accept commissions and am available for workshops and residencies. Extracts, examples and reviews of my work can be found on the following pages; and some of my books, and back copies of Christian Journal, can be purchased here.

My past career includes being a university Philosophy lecturer, Editor of a journal, and Chief Executive of two international literacy and literature NGOs.

I give numerous guest lectures on a wide range of topics, have preached in cathedrals, churches and college chapels in Britain and abroad, have conducted retreats and led dance days.

Freelance consultancies I have held include being Environmental consultant for the Energy Saving Trust and Guildford Borough Council on reducing CO2 emissions; and Project Consultant for Marriage and Relationship Support Project (MARS) by Roehampton Social Research Unit, University of Surrey, funded by the Lord Chancellor’s Department.

My PhD is in Aesthetics and my MSc in Environmental Architecture and Advanced Energy Studies. I was awarded an international Rockefeller scholarship for The People of God, undertook research for the ESRC on Ethnic Dance in Britain, and have been Chairperson or trustee of a number of different organisations, a few of which are listed here.

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