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Other Publications


  • my novel The Elder Race was published by Bellhouse Books in 2020
  • my novel Rapeseed was shortlisted in the Cinnamon Novel Award, 2011. It was published by Stairwell Books in 2017
  • my short story, ‘William Harvey’s visitor’, was longlisted in the BBC Opening Lines competition, 2014.

Journal articles and reviews

I have written numerous articles, on theological, philosophical and aesthetic issues, for magazines and papers including Resurgence, Surrey Advertiser, Devon Life, Theology, Theological Book Review, Church Times, etc. I also write a regular column for a local newspaper.

list and details
  • London Grip, book review of A Second Whisper by Lynne Hjelmgaard
  • London Grip, book review of ‘The Silence’ by John Greening, July 2019
  • Wombwell Rainbow interview, 29 February 2019
  • London Grip, book review of ‘I wish I had more mothers’ by Ann Grey. February 2019
  • Guildford Environmental Forum: various articles
  • Obituary: Anne Born. Kingsbridge Gazette (2011) and in Acumen (2011)
  • Herstoria (2010) Lady Godiva: truth more incredible than fiction?
  • Footbridge of a Glance Resurgence, March/April 2005
  • Resurgence (2005) Low energy house
  • Resurgence (2005) Juggling with energy
  • Resurgence (2005) Earth, air and water: elemental poetry with a human touch. An introduction to ‘Dart’ by Alice Oswald
  • Devon Life (2004). Celebrating the Dart
  • Kingsbridge Gazette. I write a regular column for the Kingsbridge Gazette about life in the Devon village of South Pool.
  • Guildford Environmental News Articles Encyclical: Laudato Si: We have friends in high places. September 2015
  • LoCal for Guildford, June 2004
  • Shopping on wheels (supermarkets), September 2004
  • Guildford Greenlife, December 2004
  • Tilting at windmills (wind turbines), March 2005
  • Labelling the good, the bad and the ugly (car emissions), June 2005
  • Creating a wildflower meadow, September 2005
  • Keeping the heat in: a challenge to architects and builders, December 2005
  • What a whopper (whales), June 2006
  • Congested road? Lyon has the answer (Lyon bike bank), December 2006
  • Telling stories: Cassandra, Jonah and Jim’ll fix it (Climate change), March
  • Politics on your plate (Vegetarianism), September 2007
  • Western Daily Press, February 6th 2010: ‘Giving Pride of Place ot Poetry’
  • Resurgence, October 2009: ‘Dignified Independence: a review of ‘Weeds
    and Wild Flowers’ by Alice Oswald
  • Contributions to ‘Lifting Women’s Voices’, Canterbury Press, 2009

Editorial positions

  • Became Managing Editor of Oversteps Books 2008.
  • Member of Board of Theological Book Review
  • Editor of numerous publications related to work at  Feed the Minds
  • Poetry Editor of New Fire, 1982 – 1986
  • Member of editorial board and Poetry Editor of Christian, 1986 – 1991
  • Editor of Christian Journal, 1991 – 1998

Prose in Anthologies

list and details
  • Advent Tea: Doing December Differently: An alternative Christmas handbook. ed Nicola Slee & Rosie Miles. Wild Goose Publications, 2006
  • Prayers, graces and blessings: A Lifetime of Blessing, compiled Geoffrey Duncan. Canterbury Press, 2004
  • Foreword to Magnificat Poems by Gabrielle Billings. Christmas House Publications, 2000