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Other Publications


  • William Harvey’s visitor was published as an e-book on Cut a long story in 2021.
  • Two of my short stories, William Harvey’s visitor and Pillow talk which were shortlisted in the Poetry on the Lake short story competition 2020. William Harvey’s visitor was published in their anthology Off Centre, May 2021
  • my novel The Elder Race was published by Bellhouse Books in 2020
  • my novel Rapeseed was shortlisted in the Cinnamon Novel Award, 2011. It was published by Stairwell Books in 2017
  • my short story, William Harvey’s visitor, was longlisted in the BBC Opening Lines competition, 2014.

Journal articles and reviews

I have written numerous articles and reviews, generally on theological, philosophical and aesthetic, and environmental issues, for magazines and papers including Resurgence, Surrey Advertiser, Devon Life, Theology, Theological Book Review, Church Times, London Grip &c. For some years I also wrote a regular column for a local newspaper.

list and details

  • London Grip, review of 100 Poems to Save the Earth, anthology edited by Zoë Brigley & Kristian Evans, 2021
  • London Grip, review of Where I’d watch plastic trees not grow by Hannah Hodgson, May 2021
  • London Grip, review of a Post Card to: by John Greening and Stuart Henson, February 2021
  • London Grip, review of The Peregrine Falcons of York Minster by Carole Bromley, December 2020
  • London Grip, review of Veritas by Jaqueline Saphra, July 2020
  • London Grip, review of A Second Whisper by Lynne Hjelmgaard, March 2020
  • London Grip, review of Dad, Remember you are Dead by Jaqueline Saphra, December 2019
  • London Grip, review of The Silence by John Greening, July 2019
  • Wombwell Rainbow interview, 29 February 2019
  • London Grip, review of I wish I had more mothers by Ann Grey. February 2019
  • Obituary of Anne Born. Kingsbridge Gazette (2011) and in Acumen (2011)
  • Herstoria (2010) Lady Godiva: truth more incredible than fiction?
  • Resurgence, March/April 2005: Footbridge of a Glance
  • Resurgence (2005) Low energy house
  • Resurgence (2005) Juggling with energy
  • Resurgence (2005) Earth, air and water: elemental poetry with a human touch.
    An introduction to ‘Dart’
    by Alice Oswald
  • Devon Life (2004). Celebrating the Dart
  • Kingsbridge Gazette. For 15 years I wrote a regular column for the Kingsbridge Gazette
    about life in the Devon village of South Pool.
  • Western Daily Press, February 6th 2010: Giving Pride of Place to Poetry
  • Resurgence, October 2009: ‘Dignified Independence: a review of Weeds
    and Wild Flowers by Alice Oswald
  • Contributions to Lifting Women’s Voices, Canterbury Press, 2009

Guildford Environmental News articles:

  • Encyclical: Laudato Si: We have friends in high places. September 2015
  • LoCal for Guildford, June 2004
  • Shopping on wheels (supermarkets), September 2004
  • Guildford Greenlife, December 2004
  • Tilting at windmills (wind turbines), March 2005
  • Labelling the good, the bad and the ugly (car emissions), June 2005
  • Creating a wildflower meadow, September 2005
  • Keeping the heat in: a challenge to architects and builders, December 2005
  • What a whopper (whales), June 2006
  • Congested road? Lyon has the answer (Lyon bike bank), December 2006
  • Telling stories: Cassandra, Jonah and Jim’ll fix it (Climate change), March 2007
  • Politics on your plate (Vegetarianism), September 2007

Editorial positions

  • Became Managing Editor of Oversteps Books, 2008.
  • Member of Board of Theological Book Review
  • Editor of numerous publications related to work at Feed the Minds
  • Poetry Editor of New Fire, 1982 – 1986
  • Member of editorial board and Poetry Editor of Christian, 1986 – 1991
  • Editor of Christian Journal, 1991 – 1998

Prose in Anthologies

list and details

  • Advent Tea: Doing December Differently: An alternative Christmas handbook. ed Nicola Slee & Rosie Miles. Wild Goose Publications, 2006
  • Prayers, graces and blessings: A Lifetime of Blessing, compiled Geoffrey Duncan. Canterbury Press, 2004
  • Foreword to Magnificat Poems by Gabrielle Billings. Christmas House Publications, 2000