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Praise God our Father, Mother, Friend,
before all time until its end;
the source of beauty, truth and love;
Praise God on earth; praise God above.

Praise God for bud and leaf and root,
for fragile flower and wholesome fruit;
for swelling seed and golden wheat
providing food for all to eat.

Praise God for twilight, dark and light,
for touch and smell, hearing and sight;
for rushing wind and roaring sea,
for birds and beasts and all that’s free.

Praise God for friendship, sex and love
preparing us for life above;
the touch of hand, the glance of eye,
the joke, discussion, laugh and sigh.

Praise God for doubt through which we grow,
for all we dream and all we know.
for hopes that rise unquenched from dust,
for pain that teaches us to trust.

Praise God for music, books and art,
whose treasures grow within the heart;
for dance and sport and leisure days
that stretch our souls to sing your praise.

Praise God for colour, work and game,
for dappled shade and dancing flame.
Praise God for all our life, that we
may praise God through eternity.