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Christian Journal – 1993/1 – Work

Christian Journal – 1993/1 – Work

Genre: Christian Journal
Publication Year: 1993

David Bleakley: Beyond work
Eileen Maybin: Weaving through debt
Ricarda Leask: Work
Geoffrey Brogden: Givers – not receivers. The potential of the unemployed
Robin Richardson” Quite an Agenda – jobs and racial justice
Chris Beedle: Overwork
Sr Eileen Mary: Who am I?
Mary Sheepshanks: Dust Storm
Geoffrey Daniel: Madonna of the Washing
Jean Harrison: That human hands have made
David Lethbridge: On a mantlepiece
Liturgy Some modern psalms
Film review Sister Act
Book reviews
‘What lies ahead – listening to refugees’ by Christians Aware
‘Still following Christ in a consumer society’ by John F Kavanagh
‘Celebrating Common Prayer’.

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