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Christian Journal – 1993/2 – Human Sexuality

Christian Journal – 1993/2 – Human Sexuality

Genre: Christian Journal
Publication Year: 1993

John S Spong: Monogamy
Susan Howatch: Clerical Casualties
Ann Lewin: Sex and the single Christian
Alwyn Marriage: In praise of Sexuality and Spirituality
Ruth H Sihlangu: Adolescent sexuality in Zimbabwe
Elizabeth Stuart: Bearing the marks of crucifixion – or resurrection
Richard Holloway: Can the Church lead the way towards a new sexual ethic?
Margaret Connor: The First Time
Andrew Salmon: Helen
Andrew Salmon: Adultery
Rupert M Loydell: Touching Truth
Liturgy  Meditations by Jim Cotter
Book reviews
‘Daring to speak love’s name’ ed Elizabeth Stuart
‘Partners in Protests’ by Diana Collins
Exhibition review
Eric Gill, Barbican Gallery.

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