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Christian Journal – 1996/1 – Interfaith

Christian Journal – 1996/1 – Interfaith

Genre: Christian Journal
Publication Year: 1996

Clinton Bennett: Christians, Compromise and Interfaith dialogue
Caroline MacKenzie: Rama and Sugriva, and the Woman with the Found Coin
Catriona forbes: The Well. Bottomless Love
Nadir Dinshaw: … after loving God
Anne Davison: Multi-faith life in Newham
William Steele: Bradford, a city of many faiths
Martha Dart: Quakers and Hindus
Jacqueline Tabick: The Jewish concept of God
Sashi Bala: The Sikh understanding of God
Ataullah Siddiqui: God in Islam
Janet Lees: God is a quilt maker
Kenneth Cragg: Interfaith and Biblical Concern
Paul Seabrook: Nunc Dimitis
Liturgy Prayers from different faith traditions, compiled by Kate Partridge
Book reviews ‘The People of God’ by Alwyn Marriage
‘One faith? Non-realism & the world of Faiths’ David Hart
‘Religion, Law and Society: A Christian-Muslim Discussion’ ed Tarek Mitri
‘Ultimate Visions. Reflections on the Religions we choose’ ed Martin Forward.

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