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Christian Journal – 1996/3 – Dance

Christian Journal – 1996/3 – Dance

Genre: Christian Journal
Publication Year: 1996

Lynn Frances: Sacred Circle Dance. A means of renewal
Kate Gregg-King: Robert Cohan’s Stabat Mater
Ella Jane Barker: Humour in Dance
Sarah Adams: Moving against the grain
Sarah Dawson: Enabled, not disabled
Alwyn Marriage: the Tripudium
Annie Elkins: T’ai-Chi Ch’uan
Elizabeth Learner: The importance of dance in the rave culture
Francis Barboza, SVD: Religion and dance in India
Alwyn Marriage: Dancing into Church
Simon Overton: Una hora
Cara Mary, SSC: Raspberry
Liturgy The Dance of the Holy Trinity. Una Kroll
Book review ‘Reaffirming the Church of England’ by Hugh Montefiore.

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