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Christian Journal – 1997/1 – Communication

Christian Journal – 1997/1 – Communication

Genre: Christian Journal
Publication Year: 1997

Dafne Plou: Global Communications Imbalance
Michael Durber: Looking for God in Babel
Graham Starling: Low-tech high-technology
Sophia Marriage and Dilip Sequeira: The Internet and the World-Wide Web
Peter Hall: A Church slowto speak
Simon Barrow: The Tabloid Pulpit
Ruth Page: The trouble with relatives
Elaine Kennedy: The Messenger
Claire Laland: Make your voice heard
Belinda Searle-Barnes: Healing beyond words
Kenneth Leech: Transforming , communicative silence
Updates from earlier issues of Christian
Andrea Mitchell: The work Christmas involves
E Leat: Unto you is born
Andrea Mitchell: Who are you?
Liturgy  WACC World Congress, Mexico.

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